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About Us

What is Ski For Life?

Picture this...a long weekend in South Australia where people from all over Australia come together to water ski as teams along the 456km Murray River stretch between Murray Bridge and Renmark, all in three days. There is food galore, camping along the way, epic fun (and some epic stacks too!), water fights, sing-alongs, deep and meaningful, and a whole lot of purpose. Our aim? To waterski a huge distance to shed some light on mental health and suicide in the hope to prevent the already widespread epidemic and to reduce its impact on the ones we love and strangers alike.

But the thing is...

We're taking on a BIG issue. Much bigger than the 456km stretch we ski. Much bigger than the 300 or so people we have involved and a hell of a lot bigger than three days of the year. Depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts don't discriminate and often they do not rest.

And here’s what we’re doing about it.

The Ski For Life weekend is an annual event now being run for over a decade, but we know our impact needs to be consistent and long-lasting. Your donation will support our grant process that is open all year round for individuals and communities to apply for in order to receive funds that will allow their project and/or event come to life.

We've sent motivational speakers to Western NSW to help the drought-stricken farmers who are at their wit's end and funded events across numerous communities in times of need where the stress of situations can act as a burden too big to bear in order to show that people are not alone. We are open to supporting and funding any initiative that strives to raise awareness around mental health and suicide prevention and it is your donation that will make that possible.

Ski for Life Inc is a group of people committed to raising awareness and promoting mental health, wellbeing and suicide prevention. Members share compassion and empathy for those impacted by suicide and passion and commitment to reducing the frightening statistics we find before us.

Fundraising through our events enables support for a variety of programs and projects which align with our mission through our Ski For Life Grants Program.

Thinking big in 2013, the initial small group developed the concept of a 500km Ski Relay.  The Murray River was duly chosen as it is the life blood of SA, along the shores of which many rural communities are doing it tough. Evidence of above average suicide and mental health issues supported the choice.

Local business and Service groups within these communities, and many others, are very generously supporting this event. It is this support that is ensuring its continuance into the future.

We are thrilled to have retained the support of StandBy Support After Suicide who are a program of AnglicareSA and will be joining us for the duration of our events.

The Standby Team responds to families, friends and associates who have been bereaved through suicide. People grieve in very different ways and StandBy can provide support and assistance whether it be immediately, weeks, months or years later.  They will be a valuable support to communities throughout the events and to members of the ski and road crews.  Standby provides services throughout all of Country South Australia signifying a perfect collaboration for Ski for Life Inc‘s support of rural communities.

If you are one of the businesses, service groups, schools, or sporting committees that are already supporting us, we thank you very much as “together we can make a difference”.

Should you wish to receive further information or would like to offer further support by way of donations or in-kind contributions, please do not hesitate to contact us via out contact page.

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